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Intro to Fall Management

Intro to Fall Management

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Advance your knowledge of beekeeping with our "Intro to Fall Management" course!

Ideal for those who took the "introduction" and "honey production" course and want to follow the bees development to the season finale.

This experience will equip you with the knowledge and skills to prepare honeybees for wintering in the north.

**Please note: if you already purchased the introduction course you are entitled to this section at a 50$ discount, Coupon code should apply automatically**

What to expect: 

- Learn all about winter preparation!

- Learn how to sample varroa mites, visual signs of varroa damage, viruses

- Natural control methods of varroa

- Winter wrapping

- Feeding methods

- Refreshments served at practical sessions

- Small group sizes for individual attention (max 15 students)

- The course will be primarily offered in English.   

 What you will get: 

- One (1) Practical session with the bees of 6 hours

- Optional Access to: Fall management


Cohort 1: 

Sunday August 4 from 9AM-3PM 

Located at the apiary

Cohort 2: 

Sunday August 11, from 9AM-3PM 

Located at the apiary

Where: Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue  

Important Information: 

The course content is not suitable for persons under 16 years old. Participants younger than 18 years old need to be accompanied by the participating parent, or legal guardian. People allergic to bee stings should not take this course. Not suitable for persons with limited mobility

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