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Hive Share Program

Apiguru's Hive Sponsorship Program

Are you looking for top-quality raw local honey and want to support the health and well-being of honey bees, but don't have the space to host a hive?

Our Hive Share program is perfect for you!

As a Hive Sponsor, you will get your own personal hive with your logo engraved.
Our experienced beekeepers will take care of the hive and ensure that the bees are healthy and thriving throughout the season.
Once the honey is ready for harvest, we will extract it and bottle it in the jars of your choosing. You can make your own labels, or we can create custom labels for you to add a personal touch to your honey jars.

Our Hive Sponsorship program not only provides you with delicious, raw local honey, but it also helps to support the health and well-being of honey bees, which play a vital role in our ecosystem.

Frame from a bee hive covered in honey bees with a man point to one.

Join us in supporting honey bee health and enjoy top-quality raw local honey straight from your personal hive.


Contact us below to learn more about our Hive Sponsorship program and pricing.

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