Sponsor a Hive

*Please note: The deadline to sponsor a hive is May 1st. 

Address the global decline of bee populations while enjoying the sweet rewards of supporting these vital pollinators.

Witnessing the alarming disappearance of bees firsthand during the winter of 2023, we're reaching out to our community for support. By becoming a hive sponsor, you not only secure a supply of pure honey but also receive exclusive perks and recognition for your invaluable contribution.

As a Hive Sponsor, you'll receive your own personalized beehive, complete with all the benefits of hive ownership. Our skilled beekeepers will diligently care for your hive, ensuring the health and prosperity of the bees throughout the season.

When the time comes for honey harvesting, we'll carefully extract and bottle the honey according to your preferences. Whether you opt for personalized labels or let us craft custom designs for you, each jar will be a testament to your commitment to bee conservation and environmental stewardship.

Joining our Hive Sponsorship program not only grants you access to delicious, locally sourced honey but also plays a crucial role in safeguarding the well-being of honey bees, essential for the balance of our ecosystem.

Join us in supporting honey bee health and enjoy top-quality raw local honey straight from your personal hive.

Click here to download the sponsorship program details. 

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