Fundraising Program

┬á­čŹ» Elevate Your Cause with a meaningful fundraiser­čŹ»

We believe in creating a buzz around your fundraising efforts! Our platform offers a unique fundraising opportunity centered around premium, locally sourced honey.
You collect 30% of the sales + 100% of donations collected

How it works:
1. Register your organization
2. Share our digital brochure to your community
3. We deliver the honey to you to distribute to your patrons.

Here's why we are the perfect partner for your fundraising needs:

What to expect:

1. Online platform: An intuitive platform connected to a digital brochure makes ordering honey as easy as can be. Users will be prompted to make a small donation at checkout.

2. Easy Online Ordering: Simplify the fundraising process with our user-friendly online ordering system. Supporters can easily purchase their favorite honey making the entire experience seamless.

3. Dashboard: View your campaigns performance and receive instant alerts and reports with every purchase.

4. Packaging: With our beautiful packaging and seasonal themes, we provide high value and thoughtfully designed packaging. If you anticipate large quantity of orders, we can create customized packaging for you.

5. Profitable Margins: We ensure attractive profit margins for your cause. Maximize your fundraising potential while offering a delightful product to your supporters.

6. Donations: Ability to ask for small contributions at checkout. 100% of contributions go directly to your organization.

7. Marketing materials: We provide educational resources about bees and marketing materials to Empower your community with knowledge while supporting your cause. We are partners with you in building a sustainable future. We do recommend institutions conduct their own marketing campaigns to ensure optimal results.

8. Customized labels and packaging: Reach out to us about how to make your own labels and packaging.

9. Delivery of orders: We deliver the orders to one location of your choosing and an alert is sent to customers to pick up orders.

10.Incentives: Receive prizes and upgrades for reaching sales milestones.

Contact us for more information