Our Approach

At Apiguru, our approach to beekeeping is focused on three key components: the bees, the hive, and the environment. We recognize the critical role that each of these elements plays in creating healthy and sustainable bee colonies.


To ensure that our bees receive clean and sufficient nutrition, we are highly selective in our choice of potential sites, avoiding areas with industrial agriculture and pesticides.

Our commitment to the health of our bees also includes a rigorous selection process, where we test our bees with selection pressure to find those that can thrive in the toughest conditions. We use no winter wrap insulation in an outdoor setting. These bees serve as a solid “bedrock” foundation for building strong and resilient colonies.


Finally, we adapt the environment and the bees to the hive itself. Drawing inspiration from the work of Dr. Tom Seeley, we have developed innovative hive designs and technologies that are in harmony with the natural instincts and needs of the bees. By keeping the bees in smaller volume cavities, we can control pathogens with minimal interventions and no chemical treatments. We also maintain an environment that reflects the bees' genetic predispositions and is suited to the Canadian climate.


At Apiguru, we believe that our approach, which is grounded in a deep respect for the wisdom of nature, is essential to creating a healthier and more sustainable future for both bees and humans.