Apiary/Hive Tours

Welcome to our Apiary and Hive Tours! 

Book your spot now through AirBnB (link provided) or contact us directly for private tours and cash payments.

Join us at our Urban Apiary located in Cote St. Luc for an unforgettable 1-hour guided tour through an active beeyard. Our experienced beekeepers will provide an up-close and personal tour through a live beehive, showcasing the various parts of a beehive and pointing out the Queen bee, worker bees, and drones.

Taste delicious honey straight from the hive and snap some amazing pictures to share with your friends!

For each adult ticket purchased, 1 child can participate in the tour at no additional cost.

At the end of the tour, we will answer all of your questions and send you home with a gift jar of our very own Honey, a sweet reminder of your unique experience.
Don't worry about protective clothing - we'll provide it to all participants.

If you're looking for a customized experience for your group or wish to book the tour on a different day or time, contact us and we'll make it happen.

Book now and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of bees!