Our Philosophy

At Apiguru Inc., our philosophy is centered on championing the well-being of bees. We believe that by listening to these fascinating creatures and observing the natural world, we can gain valuable insights into how to best care for them.


As creatures that originate from tree cavities, modern beekeeping has gone in the opposite direction with large nests, swarm control, imported queens, unnecessary interventions, and replacing honey with sugar syrup. All this intervention is done at the detriment of honeybees.


At Apiguru, we understand that beekeeping is an inherent compromise between honeybees and beekeepers. We start by shifting the compromise back in favour of the bees. We believe that the best route forward is to focus on the bees themselves by selecting for genetics that are well adapted to the climate, as opposed to importing bees from subtropical climates.


With this in mind, we have recognized the limitations of current hive and industrial methods and have started to rethink beekeeping from scratch by going back to basics. What do honeybees do in the wild? We attempt to answer these questions with our approach to beekeeping.