Our Team

Yoav Sasportas, President

Yoav Sasportas, President of Apiguru

In 2008, Yoav Sasportas started beekeeping as a way to address the issue of colony collapse disorder. This sparked a passion for finding solutions to the bee crisis, which has become his life mission. Yoav initially learned about beekeeping from Branislav Babic, and later from Michael Palmer in Vermont and Victoria Soroker studying honeybee parasites in Tel Aviv. Through his extensive experience and expertise, Yoav has become a leading figure in the beekeeping community, dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and preserving bee populations.

Mikayla Dunlop, Head of Beekeeping

Mikayla Dunlop, Head Beekeeper of Apiguru

Introducing Mikayla Dunlop, Apiguru's Head of Beekeeping, a dedicated naturist with a profound passion for her craft. Mikayla's fascination with bees began during her years in the restaurant industry exploring sugar substitutes and studying honey-based wine and beer. Her philosophies are based on contributing to the sustainability of urban beekeeping whilst respecting the relationship with native pollinators. Outside of beekeeping, Mikayla dedicates her time to aiding in the integration and settlement of newcomers to Canada.

Maurice Rabkin, Wild Pollinator & Horticultural Specialist

Maurice Rabkin, Wild Pollinator & Horticultural Specialist

Meet Maurice Rabkin, a skilled wild pollinator and horticultural specialist with over a decade of experience in the field. Maurice's extensive knowledge of plants and their relationships with pollinators has led him to work with a variety of organizations, including botanical gardens, nurseries, and environmental non profits, to design and maintain gardens and habitats that support healthy pollinator populations.
Maurice's work is focused on the promotion of wild pollinators, including native bees, butterflies, and moths. He has developed specialized techniques for attracting and nurturing these essential species, including creating custom habitats and planting native flowers, shrubs, and trees.

In his spare time, Maurice enjoys exploring the wilderness and observing pollinators in their natural habitats. He is also an avid photographer, capturing the beauty of these essential creatures in stunning detail.


Ellen Bode & Nina Polic, Marketing

Ellen Bode and Nina Polic, Head of Marketing

Meet Ellen Bode and Nina Polic, two marketing gurus with a passion for beekeeping. Ellen's love for bees started in college, where she studied environmental science and became fascinated by the essential role these creatures play in our ecosystem. After graduation, she recruited her friend Nina, who was working in Tech, to join the Intro to Beekeeping course and purchase a beehive. They both loved beekeeping so much they decided to combine their expertise in marketing with their passion for bees and joined our leading beekeeping company.

As the marketing team for the company, Ellen & Nina are dedicated to promoting sustainable beekeeping practices and raising awareness about the importance of bees. They have developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing the beekeeping industry and has developed targeted marketing campaigns to promote the company's products and services.